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Chelsea Howard Photography The title of this page makes me feel a little pretentious. I'm a current student at Columbia College Chicago, pursuing a double major in Photography and Journalism. This is just a place for my photography, if you like it then let me know, if you have suggestions or critiques or ideas, also please let me know. My ask box is open. :)
IMG_0759edit on Flickr.

IMG_0759edit on Flickr.

"You’re supposed to look sad, not like an Abercrombie and Fitch model"

Taken at the University Center dorms, Chicago, IL

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Always the cool guy

Taken on East 8th St., Chicago, IL

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Gonna put some of my recent stuff up in a few! Most of these are just photos I’ve shot for class, but I’m pretty proud of some of them.

Just playing around with the natural lighting and such at my mother’s house. It’s good practice.

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